My new sounds:

In the middle of all this noise in the world, please don’t forget… #BeYourself . We like that person the best. #reminder #MTA

Slow down and enjoy the view. Strange how the pace of a city can decrease your appreciation. Not this time! #NYC #IfYouCanMakeItHere

Sometimes the music in my head plays so loudly that I mentally can’t do anything else until the auditory gift is brought into this world. #FromMySoulToSSD #GodsGifts #Creation (at The Light Chamber)

@Stereocrowd at #WagnerCollege opening up for @girltalk . One of the best shows ever! I think we had 20+ people perform with us (including dancers) . Felt like Wu Tang . @paulanthonycreates @passport2pretty @lyricsbackwards @jamierobinsonartist @pamelapaigefanpage @passport2pretty @avaraiin @empress_monroe @krissiluv #stereocrowd #tbt

Last nights adventures in Gotham with @mynameisdon @aadejobiesq . #Avant-GardeNetwork #LawCrew #PowerPlayers

Happy B Day Kurt Cobain. When I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, I lost control of my body and ran around the room and broke some things. Taught me the power of the guitar and grunge. #Nirvana

Mama we on TV! One of my best NYC experiences . Playing on Up All Night With Joey Reynolds in Times Square for NBC. Big fun with @stereocrowd #FreddyFuego @paulanthonycreates @krissiluv @empress_monroe Jamie , Rob. Representing GA in NYC! #tbt #timessquare #stereocrowd

Navigating NYC streets. Jumping ice islands. Fighting fellow pedestrians for position. One wrong step could mean WET SOCK. The destroyer of moral. #NimbleNinja #NikeSnowGrip

Post V Day. No matter how it went down last night. Ladies, don’t forget. You are the prototype. #lovebelow #3000 #outkast